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The Route of Rock Art

The Route of Rock Art indicates a series of exceptional sites that evoke prehistoric life for us. These painted scenes, of the greatest fragility, some of which were created over 8,000 years ago, have declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO for their singularity.

The Route of Rock Art is a cultural tourism project coordinated by the Museu d’Arqueologia de Catalunya, which aims to preserve, research and diffuse this heritage: an enigmatic art that invites us to reflect on the origins of artistic creation and its authors. This route remains under construction, and additional sequences will be added in the future. On the other hand, the Route of Rock Art is part of the REPPARP (European Network of Early Setteles and Prehistoric Cave Art), which encapsulates various regions of south-western Europe. Its objective is to cultivate and promote the heritage resources with respect to cultural tourism.

Reproducció pìntures

Roca dels Moros del Cogul

Declared UNESCO World Heritage, Roca dels Moros is considered one of the most important and well-known cave art sites on the Iberian Peninsula. This site rests nestled in a cave that humans used for approximately 5,000 years.

escena de caça

The Abrics de l'Ermita

The Abrics de l'Ermita (Hermitage Rock Shelters) preserve an exceptional sequence of cave paintings that stands out not only for the extraordinary number of preserved paintings, but also for the quality and formal diversity of its representations.


Muntanyes de Prades

The cave paintings speak to both our ancestors’ real and symbolic worlds.  One can see a large selection of these prehistoric images in the Interpretive Centre, along with an exhibition that serves to introduce this enigmatic art.

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Escena de dansa (El Cogul)