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The Indiketes

The Indiketes were one of the main Iberian tribes, according to information given by such classic authors as Avienus, Ptolomeo, Strabo and Pliny the Elder.

The founding of Greek cities such as Emporion (Empúries), in the early 6th century BC, and Rhode (Roses), at the end of the 5th century BC, greatly influenced the Indiget Iberian’s cultural, economic and technological development. A writer called Hecateu de Milet called them the misgets, which means "mixed people”. In 195 BC, Consul Marcus Porcius Cato heavy-handedly quelled the rebellion of the Iberian peoples, the great battle waged on Indiget soil. Their most important city was Indika, although its whereabouts are currently unknown. The Indigets minted their own coins, which depicted the legend of untikesken.

The route through the Land of the Indiketes includes the visit to the Iberian settlements of:


In this small peninsula in the 6th century BC, the ancient inhabitants of the area decided to build a town taking advantage of excellent conditions of control and defense offered.

El Puig de Castellet

Puig de Castellet is located in Lloret de Mar (la Selva), and was a fortified enclosure that served as a lookout tower or vantage point.


Puig de Sant Andreu in Ullastret is the largest Iberian settlement known in Catalonia. Was occupied from sixth century BC to the early second century BC.


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Other things to do

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