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La Moleta del Remei

The settlement is located on the southern slope of the Montsià mountain range. It is a coastal enclave that was a strategic trading point between the river Ebro and the Mediterranean.


It was a walled enclosure on which various small outlying settlements depended. Its inhabitants were the aristocracy of the tribe who controlled the surplus production of the area, mainly cereals, and traded them for luxury goods (olives, salted fish, wine, ceramics made by potters using a wheel...) from other Mediterranean peoples. This difference in status can be seen in the construction of monumental defensive systems, such as walls with towers and bastions which had no military use.

La Moleta del Remei is the only settlement in the south of the area inhabited by the Ilercavonia that appears to have been constantly occupied from the second half of the 7th century up to the end of the 2nd century BC. The urban structure of La Moleta is based on a walled are with ring roads, rectangular-shaped dwellings bulit againts the walls and various other areas with diverse purposes.

The Interpretation Centre of Casa O’Connor explains the development of the Bronze Age and the Iberian Culture and contains the archaeologicals materials founded during the excavations of La Moleta del Remei and Sant Jaume-Mas d’en Serrà. The Montsià Museum contains a summary of the geography, culture and population distribution of the final strech of the river Ebro as well as archaeological material from La Moleta del Remei.

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