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The Museu d'Arqueologia de Catalunya offers permanent exhibits of archaeological relics which illustrate the evolution of Catalonia and its environment during Prehistory and Ancient History.

Imatge de la sala de colonitzacions

The Barcelona's branche is located in the former Palace of Graphic Arts which was built in Montjuïc, in Barcelona, for the 1929 World’s Fair. The collections are organised based on chronological and geographic criteria, and offer visitors a journey to the origins of Catalonia, from the first inhabitants until the Middle Ages providing also a vision of different related cultures from other areas of the Iberian Peninsula and the Mediterranean.

The early background of the Museum collections is based on the recovery work carried out by institutions such as the Royal Academy of Letters of Barcelona or the Provincial Commission on Monuments. In 1879 the State creates the Provincial Museum of Antiquities in the Chapel of Saint Agatha. As of 1882, a series of museum facilities are established in Ciutadella Park by municipal initiative. This finally leads to creation of the Museum of Art and the Archaeology Museum in the former Arsenal of the Ciutadella (present Parliament of Catalonia) in 1915.

In 1932, the Republican Government of Catalonia founds the new Archaeology Museum of Catalonia in the building where it is located at present, the Palace of Graphic Arts, a pavilion of Renaissance inspiration designed for the 1929 World’s Fair. The Archaeology Museum is inaugurated in 1935 with Pere Bosch Gimpera as director. It includes the collections from the Archaeology Museum in Ciutadella Park, the lapidary collections from the Chapel of Saint Agatha owned by the State, as well as many other works from different sources. After the Civil War (1939), management of the Museum, referred to at that time as the Archaeology Museum of Barcelona, is transferred to the Barcelona County Council. In 1995 the County Council transfers management of the museum to the Autonomous Government of Catalonia.


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